Quatre saisons

Specialty: Buffet

Looking for a cozy place and a sparkling atmosphere for your business meetings or your appointments with friends? At Les Quatre Saisons, you will be delighted by the cuisine of a vast restaurant whose decoration is as neat as the richly perfumed dishes scrolling under your nostrils. Breakfasts or buffet dinners, the diversity of dishes is savored in a convivial room with a capacity of 160 seats.

Opening time:   06:30 to 10:30

Phone: 212 5 39 34 35 50

La Brasserie

Specialty: Mediterranean cuisine

Imagine an intimate interior, arranged in a chic lounge style, surrounded by large windows to admire the night lights of the city reflected on the sea ... Welcome to La Brasserie of Farah Hotel. Peaceful place where the pleasure of mediterranean cuisine is combined with the beauty of one of the most splendid views of Tangier.

Opening time:   12:30 to 15:30
19:30 to 23:30

Phone: 212 5 39 34 35 50


Specialty: Moroccan cuisine

Would you like to add some taste to your stay at Farah Tangier hotel? Firdaous Restaurant is a true gastronomic journey through Morocco. Without moving from your chair, you will be captivated by the succulent varieties of dishes concocted by a handy chef, specialized in Moroccan culinary traditions. Refined cuisine, composed of subtle, sweet or spicy nuances; the know-how of Firdaous will delight you with its refinement and its richness.

Opening time:   19:30 to 23:30

Phone: 212 5 39 34 35 50

Jazz Bar

Specialty: Animated bar

Relaxation area par excellence, the jazz bar invites you to relax on its cozy sofas. In the heart of a warm and melodious atmosphere, you will have plenty of time to savor our selections of great wines and delicious cocktails. If hunger pokes, you can consider the jazz bar snacks to feel sated.

Opening time:   10h to 00h

Phone: 212 5 39 34 35 50


Specialty: Snack Piscine

Take the time to relax while contemplating beautiful sunsets flooding the sea.  At l’Oasis, aperitifs and light meals are served by the pool, facing the ocean. Relaxation effect guaranteed.

Opening time:   in summer season